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Our Story

Brookside Massage

I found my true passion for women’s health and wellness when I became pregnant with my first daughter in 2016.  I found it fascinating to learn about the changes happening in my body.  I was actually excited to give birth. How amazing is it that our bodies can do that?  It’s intense, I know, but incredible!

My first daughter was born still in January of 2017.  Her short time with me taught me so much. Somehow she keeps showing up and so much of the good in my life is because of her.  Her name was Brooklyn.  She made such an impression on all the people who loved her, even before they could meet her.  I talk about her often, she deserves to be remembered, and she deserves the chance to make the world a little better.

Six months later, we decided it was time to try again for our next baby.  To our complete surprise, we were fortunate to be expecting twins.  Even after the biggest of heartaches, I believe blessings are always waiting for us.
I received my first Arvigo® treatment almost three years ago when my period cramps starting getting really quite painful. After one treatment, I went from having to stay home from work or take medication for the pain, to very mild cramping.  I no longer needed to take anything for pain.  After that treatment, I knew I had to take the Arvigo® therapy practitioner training.


On my own pregnancy and postpartum journey, I’ve learned how important it is to truly take care of our bodies.  It changes so much during pregnancy, almost ten whole months, it can take longer than that to feel somewhat like our selves again.  When you birth your baby, you are also birthing a new person, a mother.  I find this information so valuable and I want to educate women on their motherhood journey as well.   

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