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  • Does Arvigo help with IUI or IVF?
    Yes it can! Our Fertility Enhancement Protocol is supportive for all types of conception. Regular professional treatments and daily home care can improve follicle maturation, cervical fluid, uterine lining and uterine blood supply. Approximately 40% of women who have been unsuccessful in conceiving eventually conceive after a series of Arvigo® sessions. Treatments generally consist of massage, diet and lifestyle modifications, herbal therapies to enhance fertility.
  • When is the best time for a treatment?
    There are more optimal times for an Arvigo® treatment. I recommend booking when you do not have your period. If you are trying to conceive, schedule your session between the end of menses and ovulation. Do your best to book according to these guidelines, but we can always make modifications if needed.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Some conditions take longer to see improvements than others. It could take as little as one session and as long as several months for the position of the uterus to be corrected. The ligaments need to be strong enough to hold the uterus in place. Three or four sessions is a great starting point. Women often see positive change and improvement after 6-8 weeks with Arvigo® Therapy and regular self-care.
  • I have an IUD, can I still receive Arvigo® therapy?"
    Of course you can, but it’s not ideal with this type of work. We adjust the techniques and use considerably less pressure in the lower abdomen. Working at a deeper level helps to improve uterus related conditions.
  • Is it painful?
    No, it’s not painful. Many people have never experienced an abdominal massage, so they may feel some tenderness during the first session. I will adjust the pressure for your comfort. It’s actually very relaxing to have your abdomen massaged.
  • Do you work with men?
    Yes! I specialize in women’s health, however Arvigo® Therapy is great for men too. For men also going through fertility treatments with their partners, Arvigo® can improve sperm health and transport. It also enhances erectile function and prostate health.
  • What do I need to fill out prior to my session?
    Please print and fill out this intake form. Bring it to your initial session. INTAKE FORM
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